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by Adam Whiteshead/ Bryan Ferry

Welcome to THE THIEF’s web magazine ART & STORIES. We give you art, fashion, design, food, lifestyle, urban living and  complete indulgence at the fjordside.

Meet the people. Read the stories.



Redefines hotel art

Sune Nordgren is passionate about creating new spaces to experience art – outside the context of museums. Meet THE THIEF’s own art curator.



Thiis-Evensen. Untitled (2011). Section

Picturesque video art

Death, love and life. Video and conceptual artist Charlotte Thiis-Evensen is not afraid of major themes. Visitors to THE THIEF and Fru K will see  a beautiful and thought-provoking video installation in which she aestheticises the concept of individual freedom.



Innovative neighbour

Bilbao has the Guggenheim, Paris the Pompidou – and now Oslo has the Astrup Fearnley. Side by side with THE THIEF. The director of The Astrup Fearnley Museum, Gunnar B. Kvaran, is very excited to bring Renzo Piano’s magnificent building into use – a contemporary art museum which will put Oslo on the international art map.



by Bryan Ferry

Legendary album cover art

Roxy Music legend Bryan Ferry visited Oslo and Tjuvholmen with the exhibition “Bryan Ferry photographs” in the spring of 2012. Many of the pictures never left the island after the exhibition ended, and can be seen at THE THIEF.



The eye which sees

THE THIEF has given photographer Marcel Leliënhof many challenges – such as photographing a hotel before it exists and portraying 22 different personalities in a provisional hotel room measuring 32 square metres.



Playing with landmarks

Sir Peter Blake was behind one of the most famous album covers in history and is a legend within pop art. He has now turned Norwegian icons and landmarks into art. Three collages from The Oslo Suite series decorate ­– and have given their name to – THE THIEF’s top suite.


Play a different game

Magne Furuholmen’s thought-provoking installation Climax was unveiled by Al Gore during the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Now guests at THE THIEF can try the “do-it-yourself” version, Climax Card Game.



by Jeton Kacaniku

Drama in light and shade

Timeless elegance with clear references to contemporary art and design is the common denominator for the interior design at THE THIEF. Anemone Wille Våge, one of Norway’s most recognised interior designers, has created a distinctive universe for THE THIEF..



Shop window for new Norwegian design

Norwegian design talents have conquered biennales and interiors trade fairs all over the world. Now they are occupying Tjuvholmen and THE THIEF.



by Mattis Sandblad

Sending chambermaids onto the catwalk

“Feeling well is decisive when you have to deliver, whether that’s as an artist or as a provider in the service industry,” says Cecilie Juvodden, the designer behind Maggie Wonka – and the uniforms for THE THIEF.




The masterminds behind THE THIEF are the award-winning architects of Mellbye Architects, under the firm guidance of Ajas Mellbye.



by Silvana Zimmermann

Warm glow

The designer duo L & J used Norwegian handicraft tradition and their own background in international fashion as the basis for their work on TONCHO for THE THIEF. An all-in-one poncho and travel rug.



Well blown

Anne Haavind’s classic, elegant Unica Amber glass objects can be found in all the rooms and suites at THE THIEF. The objects are hand-blown in Bohemia and are founded on a long tradition of craftsmanship.



Something old, something new

Erling Digernes’ family has been processing wool from Norwegian sheep for generations. Quality and the ability to renew itself have given Røros Tweed a distinguished customer list. Their plaids can be found in The White House, in the Imperial Palace in Japan, at Christian Dior in Paris – and at THE THIEF.



Leaf-thin ash

StokkeAustad’s Ash Bowls are turned from a single piece of ash. The bowls examine the possibilities offered by the wood material and what happens when different shapes are brought together.



The great in the small

Does the world really need more things? That was the question which Runa Klock asked herself as a newly-qualified designer. The final answer was: Yes, we need good sustainable products which represent a real alternative. The guests at THE THIEF will benefit from this decision.



Fine-meshed experience

The world’s first knitting clock has attracted attention at exhibitions in Berlin, Milan, London and Copenhagen. Now you can experience Siren Elise Wilhelmsen’s thought-provoking art work at THE THIEF. And each time you walk by her Grandfather Knitting Clock has created a new little piece of time.



Point the way

Inspired by the lighthouses along the Norwegian coast, Vibeke Skar and Ida Noemi have designed the FYR lantern. The lanterns point the way for guests on THE THIEF’s roof terrace.



In the mood

Norway’s greatest fashion adventure began among glaciers and salmon rivers in Stryn. Led by a pink tractor, Moods of Norway has expanded into the rest of the world – and into the wardrobes at THE THIEF.



By Trine Sirnes

Oslo Overture

Where can you take in a classical concert with stand-up comedy during the interval? Sausages and potato pancakes with champagne? A basketball hoop and art works side by side? And intimate concerts in the toilets? Very probably only one place in the world, at Cafe de Concert, THE THIEF’s good neighbour and collaboration partner on Tjuvholmen.



A town in the city

Tumbledown warehouses, cargo ships and worn-out office buildings. That’s how Tjuvholmen was 10 years ago. “Our vision was to build a living town within the city. We have got people moving with a 2,000-metre water front and world-class activities on offer,” says Peter Groth of Aspelin Ramm, developer and joint owner of Tjuvholmen and THE THIEF.



Brothers with a vision

Ten years ago Oslo’s new art district was still on the drawing board. Now the visionary thoughts have become a fantastic reality for the city’s population and visitors from around the world. – The hotel has been an important element right from the start, say the Selvaag brothers, part-owners and developers of Tjuvholmen.



by Marcel Leliënhof

Oslo from new angles

The new Oslo is shaped by ground-breaking architecture, a new food culture and urban development of old industrial areas. The OSLO ESCAPE ROUTES range of maps leads you through a new and different Oslo on foot, from Tjuvholmen in the west to Vulkan in the east.



by Knut Bry

DogA + THE THIEF = true

Located on each side of the city centre, DogA and THE THIEF have found each other through a shared passion for design, architecture and urban development. And it is precisely the distance between them – from the former industrial district at Oslo´s East End to the posher Westside – that is a point in itself in the collaboration project Oslo Escape Routes.



by Marcel Leliënhof


“My hope is that our stories about making tough choices can lead to people giving each other a bit more room to make mistakes, and not least to make things right again,” says actor Aksel Hennie.



by Åsmund Holien Mo

Sustainable business

“Our vision is to create fantastic experiences without making compromises with the surrounding world,” says Gunhild A. Stordalen.



Tradition Meets Innovation at Fru K

Executive Chef  Kari Innerå creates unique experiences based on local, authentic ingredients. Tradition mixes with creativity at Fru K.





Praised by Hollywood stars, the unique body-care product series ILA by will now be available to THE THIEF’s guests.


Camilla's inside tips

Oslo has become an exciting city for shopping.  But how can you find the hidden gems? Fashion blogger and THE THIEF’s own lifestyle curator Camilla Phil has drawn a map for you, with different routes for fashion, interiors, beauty and for him.


by Bryan Ferry


THIEF ART is THE THIEF hotel’s collection of art and art experiences. The hotel’s own curator, Sune Nordgren, has hand-picked works by Norwegian and international artists for the collection. Some of the art works are signed by established and reputable names in the art world, while some of the pieces have been produced by young talents. The art experiences are created when the hotel’s guests encounter them.

You meet art everywhere in the hotel – and outside it. Installations, photographic art and graphics are exhibited in the common areas and in the rooms, and guests can choose from contemporary video art on the interactive hotel TV. Even when the lift doors close the hotel guests get to experience animation art signed by the British artist Julian Opie.

The suites have been decorated with original collages made by the English pop artist Sir Peter Blake and prints which Sir Peter calls “Found Art”.  The prints are based on old postcards of Norwegian icons such as Roald Amundsen, Edvard Munch, Henrik Ibsen and Sonja Henie. In other rooms there are photographs staged and “art directed” by Roxy Music legend Bryan Ferry and some of the band’s most well-known record covers. The hotel offers works by international artists such as Chris Gianakos and Tony Cragg, but also by recognised Norwegian artists such as Camilla Løw, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Kjell Nupen, Marianne Heske, Björn Ransve and Inger Sitter.

THIEF ART is also about the hotel´s surroundings, the neighbours. It is about Tjuvholmen. The internationally recognised Astrup Fearnley Museum is the hotel’s nearest neighbour, and together with the newly developed sculpture park next to the fjord and the island’s other quality galleries the museum makes THE THIEF’s neighbourhood Oslo’s uncontested power centre for contemporary art.

But THE THIEF also has art and design partners further east in the city. The hotel’s partnership with DogA, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, gives THIEF ART an exciting interface with design and architecture. A natural extension of the concept which is explicitly expressed by the hotel concentrating on Norwegian and international design in its interior and decor.

THE THIEF sponsors Astrup Fearnley. The hotel lies side by side with the new Astrup Fearnley Museum on Tjuvholmen, and the celebrated art gallery is one of the hotel’s most important collaboration partners. THE THIEF and Astrup Fearnley have entered into a unique sponsorship agreement which means that THE THIEF can borrow signal works from the museum’s collection and display them in strategic places in the hotel. Through this partnership curator Sune Nordgren has paved the way for interesting encounters with the best of international contemporary art and in this way THE THIEF creates positive and unforgettable experiences for its guests.


Read also: THE THIEF redefines hotel art


Live music in the lounge!

Twice a month THE THIEF invites amazing musicians to do exclusive acoustic concerts in our THIEF lounge. Join us and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne, some tasty snacks from Fru K, and great music unplugged.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thiefmusicunplugged.


THIEF MUSIC Unplugged newsletter

THIEF MUSIC Unplugged Spotify Playlist

Geirmund Hansen

Norwegian singer/songwriter born in Stavanger, 1988. His unique voice was known through the Norwegian version of The Voice in 2013 in the team of Espen Lind, where he reached the final rounds. He writes melancholic pop-rock with roots from American rock from the 90`s (Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam).

YouTube | Facebook | Spotify | iTunes

Julius Winger

Julius Winger er visesanger og historieforteller. Han beveger seg fra hav til land, fra skumfulle bølgetopper til smale smau og trange bakgater. Hver av hans møter er i seg selv en historie og med gitaren som følgesvenn forteller han med innlevelse om havet, livet, døden og kjærligheten. Han byr på ramsalte sanger i den stolte norske visetradisjonen og sterke opplevelser fulle av stemninger fra norsk skjærgård og sjøfartshistorie.

Julius har gitt ut tre cder. “Store sanger om havet”, produsert av Trygve Seim, kom ut i 2005. Sangen “Sommernatt” gikk inn på 1. plass på Norsktoppen og ble liggende på lista i 15 uker. I 2007 ga han ut singelen “Hovedøen”, duett med Kari Diesen. Albumet “Kjærlighet og andre misforståelser” ble gitt ut på Kirkelig kulturverksted i 2008. I 2013 ga han ut «Under Linden – viser av Robert Levin». Han medvirker også på en rekke andre plater, blant annet Spellemann-nominerte «Source of Summer» med The Source som også kom ut i 2013.

Myspace | Facebook | Spotify | iTunes


Calvert’s music is ambient and experimental pop jazz with a cool Nordic sound, in all the right ways. With a great band and with inspiration from artists such as Lykke Li, James Blake and Hanne Kolstø they create a diverse and dynamic sound with the perfect mix of organic and electronic elements. With direct and honest lyrics songwriter Sarah depict a dedicated view of situations and emotions which most people can relate to.

Calvert released their first single  «flow» this fall and had many successful concerts in NYC  in the past year. They are now ready to release their second single «Spring» 24th of april.

YouTube | Facebook


Vetle Jarandsen, a Norwegian singer/songwriter, a great talent with a unique voice.

Music has always been in Vetle’s life, one way or another. From an early age he started playing the violin, and soon also the guitar. During his classical training later on, Vetle soon realized he wanted to change his focus to writing songs and becoming an artist. In pop music Vetle found the place he really wanted to be, a place for his thoughts and dreams to surface through music.

The 22 year old singer released his first single last month, a catchy pop-number called “Belong With Me”. Currently Vetle is focusing on creating new music for his upcoming album, working hard in the studio with different producers.

At The Thief Unplugged this Thursday, Vetle Jarandsen will perform several of his latest songs acoustically. We hope you will enjoy it!


Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | iTunes | Presse

Eric Ness

“…more musical inventiveness and catchy melodies than most artists entire careers.” – Skiddle

Eric Ness (originally from Larvik) recently moved from London to Oslo. The last few years have been spent in London or touring the UK, Europe and USA. During Ness’ career, he’s produced two EP’s, one full-length album and more recently two singles. The fresh, catchy and ‘caffeinated’ sound that Eric and his band creates has taken them on a tour across America, to Sun Studios, Memphis (where ‘The King’ made his debut), featured on a German TV-show on RBB-Fehrnsehen, headlined the legendary London venue Proud Camden and more.

With lots of touring-experience behind them, Eric Ness and band is a firework on stage, and was described by The London Word: “…and then like a musical messiah, Eric Ness and his band appeared on stage and turned the flavorless atmosphere on its head with an injection of raw, unadulterated fun.”

YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | iTunes


The band features songwriter Pål Felix on lead vocals and guitar, Lars Jemterud on bass and vocals and Celine Simers on vocals. Together, they form a strong and melodic trio whose songs unravel into beautiful soundscapes dominated by their voices, rich choral harmonies and intriguing flows. Stylistically, Neil Young and Wilco, with a hint of Coldplay, have influenced Supermoon. Their live performances are always sharp and unfaltering, yet filled to the brim with warmth and joy. A definite must-see!

The band has released two singles to date, and are currently recording an album due for release in the autumn of 2014. Pål Felix has previously made two solo albums; “Felix EP” (CD) in 2007, which was accompanied by The Grand; as well as “Fake Sunrise” (LP) in 2009. Both are on iTunes and Spotify.

PER HEIMLY created the music video for “Pure Bliss”, a song that has been received well and has been played on the Norwegian radio programme Lydverket. Pål Felix’s music has also been used in several television productions, most recently in the TV show “DAG”.

Check out these links to find out more:
Music video by Per Heimly

Ingunn Tennøe

Ingunn Tennøe is a gifted classical pianist, with education from The Norwegian Academy of Music and Manhattan School of Music. Along with the classical music, she’ s always written her own songs, although she prefares to call them improvisations. Straight from the heart.  She puts the music a genre called “simple but soulful”. Inspired by jazz standards, soul, folk songs and storytelling.

Shaun Bartlett

Shaun Bartlett was born on Britain’s South West coast, raised on an island in the Middle East, and moved up North to Norway at the age of 10. Since his debut in 2008, Shaun has built a solid and ever growing audience through his music and many magical performances around Norway and Europe. His music is sophisticated and playful, presented acoustically with a lot of soul, meaningful lyrics and an extremely soothing voice.

Shaun Bartlett lives in Oslo, currently working on his third album ‘Green Means Walk Red Means Run’ – inspired by time, the lack of it, a hike to Kilimanjaro and a Japanese scientist, amongst other things. Three singles were released in 2013 and two of them went straight to radio.

Here they are:
Shaun Bartlett – Love Give Take
Shaun Bartlett – In No Time
Shaun Bartlett – Ashes on fire


Marianne Engebretsen

Marianne Engebretsen is an up and coming artist with roots from the west coast of Norway, nearby Stavanger. Her music reflects the stormy cold weather from her origins, as well as warm summer breeze that will warm your heart. Inspired by artists such as Daughter, Sigur Rós and Robyn, clear harmonies are blended together by uplifting melodies, and she creates pop music with an atmosphere that contrasts melancholia, solitude and joy.

Marianne was chosen to be ”Ukas Urørt” with er single ”Fighter” on the radio channel P3, and has been broadcasted nationally. She has been remarked as an up and coming artist, and will release her new EP in March along with her second single Ignite 7th of March.

Find out more about Marianne on Facebook and Soundcloud.


Tini is a young emerging artist from Norway with a voice as pure as fresh snow.

The music is Scandinavian melancholia with mainstream appeal, and she performs her material
with impressive emotional impact – without resorting to tiresome, elaborate vocal gymnastics.

This year Tini has been busy recording her debut album in London for Voxwatch,
a UK-based artist development company owned by Grammy Winning Producer Martin Terefe
and A-ha legend Magne Furuholmen.

International misicians, artists and writers are contributing on the anticipated album,
which is due out in 2014

February 14th tini is releasing her first single ‘Undo my Heart’ on THEIF MUSIC Unplugged!
For news and updates, follow tini on instagram @tiniofficial!

Marius Beck

Although a newcomer, Marius Beck has already proven himself a convincing songwriter with a surefire instinct for a unique sound. An experienced live-performer, and musically in the sonic landscape somewhere between Jeff Buckley and early Coldplay, Marius’ hypnotic voice is a natural focal point, and an effective emotional tool for songs that grows on the listener with each play.

Jens Bredberg

Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Bredberg have been listening to music his whole life, but started to sing and write songs only a few years ago. He writes songs that are inspired by love and everyday life, and they reflect of the emotional processes that he had to go through.

Jens released his first single and music video ”Tiden är nu” in September 2013. Now he is often seen doing live performances throughout Scandinavia. He likes the idea of music taking him around the world and taking him places to meet new people and play with new people.

Follow Jens on Facebook and Instagram @jensbredberg to find out about new releases and where he’s playing.

Listen to “Tiden är nu” on Spotify or Wimp