Gary Hume (1962) | Fear, 1996

The English artist Gary Hume studied at London’s Goldsmiths College and is associated with The Young British Artists (YBAs) – a group of London based visual artists such as Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas and Tracey Emin.
Hume is known for his simplified image compositions. His most common motifs are portraits of humans, animals, flowers and children’s toys, but in his use of large, clearly defined color surfaces, the motifs are abstracted and simplified until they are hardly recognizable. His paintings also lack three-dimensional depth and all color areas are flat and “equal” to each other. Hume often uses ready-mixed household gloss paint which he buys at the household store, and he sticks to a limited color palette. His pictures are often painted on aluminum panels, which applies to several works made in the 1990s.
Taking a closer look at his work ​Fear,​ we can recognize a rabbit’s head, where the rabbit’s eye is in the center of the painting.

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