THE THIEF + noord | New Norwegian Design

THE THIEF in collaboration with NOORD present the exhibition “New Norwegian Design” from 6. September to 2. November.
We will show a carefully curated celection of furniture, lamps and smaller products by Norway’s young and foremost designers.
Norway’s design talents have already conquered the international design scene, the interior and trend magazines all over the world and will with these products provide hotel guests with an insight into Norwegian design.

“New Norwegian Design” is a tribute to young designers with their strong and distinctive yet clean and simplistic products, always with an uncompromising eye for quality, rooted in the new Norwegian design identity.


The exhibition is open for the public from September 6th – November 2nd and showcase the work of:
· Sverre Uhnger
· Runa Klock
· Lars Tornøe
· Hallgeir Homstvedt
· Daniel Rybakken
· Anderssen & Voll
· Stine Aas
· Erik Wester
· Sara Polmar
· Falke Svatun
· Kristine Five Melvær
· Thomas Jenkins
· Andreas Engesvik
· Lars Beller
· Vera & Kyte
· Andreas Bergsaker
· Noidoi
· Silje Nesdal
· Ann- Kristin Einarsen
· Gridy
· Martin Solem
· Bjørn Van Den Berg
· Camilla Akersveen
· Kristoffer Konings
· Sigve Knutson
· Børge Bredenbekk/ By Hands
· Jonas Stokke
· Øystein Austad

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