Name: Haakon Sand
Position: Keeper of Food & Beverage
Age: 36
Been at THE THIEF since: 2012
Former workplaces: THE SAVOY London (UK), Fairmont Acapulco Princess (MX)
Education: Bachelor in Hotel Administration from Hotelschool The Hague

–Before I started working in hospitality I was an aspiring actor. It has occurred to me that this is a very useful skill in this industry. Every day we go on stage. You have to have a genuine interest in people. You also need to have an open mind as to how different people perceive different things. This goes for colleagues as well as our guests. Everyone is an individual, unique, different, hence you cannot treat people the same.
The recipe for the best hotel experience:
– For an exceptional hotel experience, it is about providing a service which is personal. It doesn’t always have to be so formal, people like to feel welcome and comfortable. If you have staff that create that welcoming, warm atmosphere where the guests feel they have made friends during their stay, that is when you have done something truly exceptional.
My favorite art work at THE THIEF:
–The digital art work by Julian Opie in our elevators. I just love standing incognito in the lift observing guest’s reactions as they see the lady move on the screen.
My life as a THIEF:
–I once stole a box of yogurt from the teachers lounge back in elementary school. The guilt chased me and I couldn’t eat it. I ended up giving it to a neighbor.



Name: David Taylor
Position: Head chef
Age: 30
Been at THE THIEF since: October 2017
Former workplaces: Maaemo ***, Purnell’s *, Maze * / Staged at: Relæ *, Grace ***, Momofuku KO **, Atera **.
Education: Culinary arts foundation degree

–I have worked in star restaurants, but never in hotels, so there are lots for me to learn. I do believe I bring a different point of view to the table, and I strive to bring the energy and engagement for the rest of my team everyday
The recipe for the best hotel experience:
–Not only a great bed, warm service and a feeling of relaxation, but also to create an experience that touches you on a personal that-was-just-for-me–moment.
My favorite art work at THE THIEF:
–The Giant smiling sunflower by Murakami, its a huge crazy looking pillow, I love it!
My life as a THIEF:
–As chefs we often do dinners together at each others restaurant, and there was a saying I remember: «We always only ever bring with us what we need but we always leave with a little extra». New gastros, tweezers, a random spoon, all our stuff gets mixed together so we never intentionally stole, but I am sure most kitchens have a random out of place bowl, or plastic box they never bought! Now you know why!



Name: Oskar Kjellberg
Position: The Restaurateur
Age: 25
Been at THE THIEF since: February 2018
Former workplaces: Crème Stockholm, Café Opera / Operakällaren, Sandhamn Seglarhotell
Education: Food & Beverage Management

–I played ice hockey for 14 years, and that educated me to be a determined team player, and to reach goals. Personally: I need to do physical exercise every day to stay focused.

The most important for the restaurant is that the dynamic within the staff is good and that every individual feel joy combined with motivation to work and to reach our targets.

The recipe for the best hotel experience:

–To experience the expected things but in a unexpected way. Basically by being Proactive as a hotel staff.

My favorite art work at THE THIEF:

–It is Damien Hirst painting «Beautiful amore …», 1997, that hangs on the wall in THIEF FOODBAR: To me the painting is symbolizing organized chaos, which reflects a day in the business, which is something I love!

My life as a THIEF: 

–I steal away ordinary faces in order to put on a happy face on our guests. Other than that, I am *always* innocent.



Name: Felice Capasso
Position: Head Bartender
Age: 22
Been at THE THIEF since: November 2017
Former workplaces: Socialista London,Cipriani Ibiza, Cipriani Dubai, Seduction Restaurant, Soul Hotel (Gold Coast,Australia).
Education: F&B high school, Bartending Diploma PFB Naples, Italy, WSET Spirits level 1, WSET wine level 1, WSET wine level 3.

–I am 22 years old and I have already worked and lived in 5 different countries of the world. Everyday Motivation..and of course a great team around!! After all: We become what we think.. So think positive!
The recipe for the best hotel experience:
–The Thief factor: Being informal and natural at the same time.
My favorite art work at THE THIEF:
–«Beautiful,Amore,gasp.» by Damien Hirst.
My life as a THIEF:
–When I was 13 me and my friend got his father’s old car keys and we went around the town for a couple of hours. His dad never found out…

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