THE THIEVES top 5 things
to do whilst in Oslo

If you are looking for a secret, who better to ask than a Thief
Here you have a selection from the very best in Oslo ……….

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THE THIEVES top 5 things<br>to do whilst in Oslo


Director of Sales


    Go to THIEF SPA. Ask for some salt with essential oils, and use it to scrub down in the sauna. Finish with a dip in the Oslo fjord located right outside of the spa. Good for the immune system, and your mood!
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  2. Rent a bike

    Rent a bike and follow the harbor promenade called “Havnepromenaden”. You will see some of my personal favorite spots on the way; SALT, Vippa, Oslo Opera house etc…
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  3. Cheese & Wine

    Indulge in cheese and wine at “Ostebutikken” a local cheese restaurant in the vibrant area of Grunerløkka.
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  4. Youngskvartalet

    Head over to “Youngskvartalet” and enjoy the many original outlets located next door to each other. Start with a cocktail at “Andre til Høyre”, a stunning cocktail bar decorated like a private home. Finnish of with a dinner at “Nemesis” or Lulu`s”.

  5. Discover the islands

    Go to Aker Brygge and catch one of the ferries to one of the islands in the Oslo fjords. There are lots of different restaurants, bars, and beautiful spots to be discovered.
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THE THIEVES top 5 things<br>to do whilst in Oslo


Guest Relation Manager

  1. The Riva experience

    A wonderful way to truly escape into the depths of the Oslo Fjord ………with style
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  2. Hiking Oslo

    When visiting Oslo bring:
    1. Good walking shoes
    2. A sense of adventure
    3. A healthy appetite
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  3. Vigelands Museum

    The foundation to the beautiful Viglands Park ( Frogner Park)
    Please feel free to visit the park after the museum as it´s Oslo´s “Central Park” and a true slice of park lifestyle
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  4. Topphem

    For the ultimate in casual dining
    Outstanding food , chilled environment and casual dinning at it´s very best
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  5. Coffee at Tim´s

    I´ve spoken to so many guests who have on their “to do “ list in Oslo ……….coffee at Tim Wendelboe
    Guy is a coffee Ledge  !!!
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