Antony Gormley (1950), Draw, 1995

Throughout his career and work as an artist, the English sculptor Antony Gormley has shown a particular interest in the human body. His sculptures are nude, anonymous bodies without anatomical details and individual characteristics. However, that doesn’t make them impersonal, the physical appearance of feelings and memories gives his sculptures character.

Gormley often uses his own body as the template for his sculptures, which are placed as an extension of himself, either in urban spaces, landscapes, interiors or as part of larger installations. With this placement the artist explores spatial aspects where the sculptures works as a human scale in relation to the walls and ceiling.

Draw​ is also made based on Gormley’s own anatomy. The cast-iron gives the body a material presence that makes it into something more than a modelled sculpture. It is almost a lump, a thing – with human abilities. The crippled body appears as if it is trying to get as close to Earth’s interior as possible and awakens a strong feeling within us, whether it’s expressing surrender, grief, relief or a humble prayer.

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