Terms & Conditions




Number of attendees, price, accommodation, food and beverage and other orders are shown on the reservation overview.

Age limit to check in at THE THIEF is 20 years. Hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking onsite if id cannot be shown.

THE THIEF is a non-smoking hotel.


The stated prices are cogent for both parties. The hotel reserves the right to adjust the prices due to changes of costs i.e. increased taxes or fees or other conditions out of control for the hotel.


All changes/cancellations should be made in written notifications to the hotel to be valid.

16:00 The reservation is held for you until 16.00 on the arrival day. The reservation can be cancelled by the guest up to this point of time. The hotel is responsible to offer the guest accommodation if he/she arrives before 16.00 the arrival day. At 16.00 the hotel has the right to cancel all reservations that are not checked in without consideration of consequences.

18:00 Same rules as above, but all conditions apply to 18.00 instead of 16.00.

21:00 Only for use by Choice Club members with silver level or higher on their membership. Same rules as above, but all conditions apply to 21.00 instead of 18.00.

Guaranteed Payment for the whole reservation is guaranteed by a company or a credit card, the hotel has responsibility to offer the guest accommodation for the confirmed number of nights. 100% of the reservation will be charged if the room is cancelled or in case of no-show.


4.1 Payment in advance according to the specification written under general information in the reservation overview.

4.2 Full payment for the arrangement will be made upon arrival to the hotel.

4.3 Bank warranty for the total anticipated cost should be sent to the hotel according to the specification written under comment in the confirmation. If payment is delayed an interest charge according to local law will be added.


The hotel reserves the right to ask for deposit or bank warranty.


Ordered rooms for accommodation are guaranteed to be ready for check in after 15.00 arrival day and are held for your disposal until 12.00 departure day. Any changes to these times have to be agreed upon and confirmed by the hotel.


Visitors are not allowed in the room after 11:00 pm. Visitors must notify Front Desk upon their arrival and be accompanied by the registered guest at all times.