THIEF Art Space presents the work of today’s emerging contemporary artists you should most definitely discover. Whether through paintings, sculptures, grafitti, installations, photographs and performance art, each artist illuminates the complexity of the self with a unique and bold vision.
Our THIEF Art Space series expose the raw talent of some of our favorite artists who will make a proper mark on the current art scene. A few are already immediately recognizable artists, while some are just emerging, but are well on their way to become widely recognized household names.

We would like to invite you to join us for the Finissage of «Colours of the Moon» by Charlotte Sverdrup at The Thief Art Space (3rd floor) on Saturday the 30th of November.This will be the last chance to see the exhibition and also get the opportunity to talk to the artist who will be there from 1-3 PM.This a great opportunity to collect signed limited editions of the artwork which is available in different sizes on the day.Colours of the Moon was recently exhibited in New York and also in London earlier this year.


Who: Benedicte Aubert Ringnes
Where: 3rd floor @THE THIEF
When: December 13th – January 23rd


With her recent work, Benedicte explores the strength
within the feminine and the masculine. Challenging our
predisposed notions of differences and boundaries that
limit the scope of our perceptions. It is in the eye of the
beholder to decipher the interpretation presented.

Having portrayed “Arnold and Muscles” in her last
exhibition, Benedicte now explores the female so-called
idols of the past and present: Kim Kardashian,
Yayoi Kusama, Bonnie Parker, Venus and Diana. Whereas
Benedicte previously has shown how masculine strength
is connected to his muscles, she now shows the
perception of women as both makers and products of
our time.

Both notions of men and women being equally

Benedicte continues to play with her collages of well
known photographs and iconic symbols. She daringly
personalizes this, using techniques from classic art to
modern technology, drawing from her experience in
digital graphic art and film-making.
The works are presented in a solid and bold manner
where collages are covered in deep, glossy varnish.
Matching the extravaganza of her models, each piece
will come in an exclusive first series decorated by
Juvelér Langaard, Norway’s premier Jeweler,
Sinful, bordering on decadent, but yet in lovable
masculine femininity.

by barART Benedicte Aubert Ringnes in cooperation with Juvelér Langaard
Pieces in 150cm x 100 on high quality aluminium coated with high gloss UV-resin
Edition of 7 pieces with an exlucive first edition decorated with jewles by Juvelér Langaard
Framed in black/white wooden L-frames



Who: Stephen Butkus
What: Body Parts
Where: 3rd floor @THE THIEF
When: August 22th – Ocober 17th (Artist talk 22/8 kl 18:00)

Facebook event

– With this exhibition i wanted to explore our body parts and depict them in a way that has not been done.
Using oil, light, paper and glass i want to make you see our connecting parts in a different view.
In this project I will disconnect and attach our vessels in a unique way.

Bildene printes på Aluminium. 70x100cm i 10 stk.

Stephen Butkus
Stephen Butkus (1983) Working as a photographer within fashion, art and portraiture for the last 17 years. He started out documenting subcultures and nightlife around the world. The last years he has focused on his art work and portratiure photography and has come to be one of Scandinavias most progressive and exciting photographers within his field.



Who: Nancy Bundt
What: PRINCE – Purple Rain
Where: 3.etasje på THE THIEF
When: 26.april – 21.aug

Nancy Bundt, an American photojournalist who has been living in Norway for the last 25 years, was most well-known in America for being the official photographer for Prince’s “Purple Rain” Tour.

Most of these photographs at THE THIEF from April 26-Aug 29
captured Prince during a 1984 concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis, (the site of the Purple Rain movie) to celebrate his 26th birthday, just before he embarked on his Purple Rain Tour.

These photographs are images of a younger Prince, a guy just beginning his career, discovering himself as a musician and then rocketing to pop-star fame. Many of these rare photographs have never been seen. Some were in the newest re-release of the Purple Rain Deluxe expanded edition.

In one of the iconic photos by Bundt, we see the superstar wearing a scarf, his eyes closed, with a blue hue on his eyelids, awash in purple light.

Bundt, having worked internationally for many Norwegian magazines, companies and publishers has been on assignment in over 85 countries and is most happy living near Oslo.

Nancy Bundt
+47 911989377



Hjemmekamp på The Thief

«Hadde jeg ikke deg
hadde jeg ikke sjans»

Poet, artist og låtskriver Trygve Skaug aktuell med poesiutstillingen «Hjemmekamp». Den starter sin turné på The Thief i Oslo 5.april, hvor den skal stilles ut på The Thief Art Space ut måneden.
Trygve Skaug har siden debuten i 2012 klart å etablere seg solid i det norske lyrikklandskapet, og lå på topplisten over solgt poesi gjennom hele 2016 og 2017. I tillegg er han med sine 80.000 følgere på sosiale medier en av de mest delte poetene i landet.
Utstillingen består av 36 av Skaugs populære og sterke korttekster preget på stilrene, grovskjærte treplater, fremstilt i samarbeid med håndverksbedriften Lundeby i Østfold.
Videre skal utstillingen bl.a. innom Prøysenhuset, Litteraturhuset i Fredrikstad og Litteraturhuset i Odda.

Følg prosjektet på Trygve Skaugs
instagramkonto: @trygveskaug



Olav Stubberud har de siste årene turnert med verdens største artister, som blant annet Justin Bieber, G-eazy, Chainsmokers, Kygo og fotografert en rekke andre.
Og har nå vært hus fotografen til Nobels Fredspris Konserten nå i 3 år. Og dette er det vi skal nå få et innblikk i.
Som et av verdens største og mest prestisjetunge eventer, har Nobels Fredspris Konserten hatt en rekke kjente fjes som har stått sammen på scenen om fred (mer om konserten her –
Dette blir en unik utstilling der vi får se ekslusive bilder rundt konserten, som vi har gleden av å få henge i 2 måneder i 3. etasje på The Thief.
“Det er en ære å få presentere offisielle og eksklusive bilder fra et event som dette. Jeg har fått vist noe tidligere, men det å få satt sammen det beste fra mine år med konserten,
og få vist det frem på denne måten er sykt fett. Og det å få vist den over en så lang periode, håper jeg alle tar seg tid for å sjekke ut! Takk til THE THIEF, Gyro, Wetouch Imagework og Spitting Image. “

1/10 x 75×100 Price NOK 6000,–

1/10 x 100x150cm Price 10 000,–
Who: Olav Stubberud
What: Photo exhibition – The Nobel Prize Concert
Where: 3rd floor at THE THIEF
When: January 25th – April 3rd

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