Charlotte & Thieves

Michael and Viktor both had their individual solo performances at The Thief, so it seemed only natural that when the four band members gathered for their first show, it would be there as well. An electric performance elicited a buzz that demanded a name for the band in a short time, yet they were finding it difficult to settle on one that suited their expression and sound. While viewing the live footage from The Thief Unplugged, they noticed a subtle logo for the hotel in the background of their performance and agreed that the story behind the area and property appropriately applied to them. The added Charlotte remains a closely kept secret of the band’s but is integral into their identity. And so they became Charlotte & Thieves. Since then they have performed there multiple times and often are guests of the hotel. For them “it feels like coming home to where the story originated.” For Charlotte and Thieves, their DNA will always include The Thief.

The newly formed young band has clear influences from the 60 / 70s pop-rock scene, that itself is deeply rooted in American rhythm and blues, and they wear it well beyond their years. While  it’s obvious Charlotte & Thieves did not discover rock’n’roll, they are definitely giving it a breath of fresh air. With Charlotte & Thieves, the music creates a raw, living, sexually charged atmosphere that entrances everyone in attendance. The young band, is playlisted on major commercial radio and college radio in Germany, Norway and North America. Impressive magazine reviews, sync placements and raving festival reviews as well as Spotify official playlists.

Michael, the lead vocalist, is a born star. With his extreme charisma and a sex appeal that calls to mind legends like Morrison and Plant, Besseberg commands the attention of every eye in attendance when on stage. They introduce themselves very assuredly with the track “Don’t You Wanna Know My Name” the EP’s lead track and soon enough, everyone will. A former future world champion in Cross Country Skiing before an illness sidelined him permanently, Michael channeled that frustration into his new craft and quickly realized that maybe some good would come out of screaming at the top of his lungs and playing music for hours in minus 23 celsius after all!

“I want to set a good example for others,” Michael explains. That you don’t have to be a schooled musician to make it in the industry and that it’s never too late to learn. I have only three years of experience making music behind me and never taken a vocal lesson…but I always enjoyed being the underdog.”

Band Members: Michael Besseberg Gjøvaag (Norway) , Viktor Lindblom (Sweden), Andreas Rukan (Norway), Oskar Rydh (Sweden)

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PS! Rock is Dead!

The band is represented by Nordic Records

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